We strive to breed the best dual purpose Dexter we can. 
To accomplish this we focus on udder conformation
  and have DNA tested our bulls, 
we keep milk stats and test milk samples of our cows.  
Here are our results
Serenity Oak Farm Taco
Taco has both Saturn and Lucifer in his background
He is very dairy type in structure.  His scrotum structure indicates he may tighten sloppy udders.
His DNA tests revealed a bull that carries a higher than normal milk fat content and a top protein content. His somatic cell score will help put a stop to mastitis risk.  He carries average to preferred genes for cheese production (Kappa Casein, Beta Casein and Beta Lactoglobulin results).  He is above average for progeny pregnancy rates and productive life span.  His daughters have just started coming in to lactation and we are thrilled with the improved front udder attachment.  See Isabella and Perfect below, his first milking daughters!
This girl was all Llanfair breeding by Fred Chesterly 
We have never sent her milk in for testing protein or butterfat but she did test to be an A2 carrier.  On top of that, her production stats  were amazing.
Iodine readily produced 4 gallons, milking once a day.  When feeding her calf, we consistently got 1 gallon once a day out of her back half or a gallon and a half out of one side.  This girl was a machine that produced plenty for a family and raised a strapping calf.  She was more than a little
Dexter should have been.  Rest in piece Iodine.       
Circle H's Frederick
Frederick was bred by Gerald Holmquist a dairyman of years gone by who started his Dexter herd by way of Fred Chesterly.
Frederick has proven to tighten udder conformation on his daughters.
His DNA tests revealed a homozygous A2 (A2/A2) bull that carries the highest possible milk fat content and a top protein content. His somatic cell score will help put a stop to mastitis risk.  He carries average to preferred genes for cheese production (Kappa Casein, Beta Casein and Beta Lactoglobulin results).  He is above average for progeny pregnancy rates and productive life span. His maternal sister (RDoubleD American Rambler) tested an average of 6% butterfat and 5% protein content and milked out 3/4 of a gallon twice a day 7 months into her first lactation.  His half sister, Circle H's Naomi, milked 3/4 to 1 gallon twice a day and her milk was oh so sweet.   
RDoubleD Rambler's Grace
Gracie is a bred milk producer.  Her dam is a high producing family milk cow, her sire is a son of Riverhill Saturn's Galaxy, her full sister is a successful family milk cow.
We milked Grace at the end of her second lactation when we purchased her.  She consistently gave us 1/2 gallon per milking without even pushing her.  Her average butterfat content is an amazing 6.5% and her protein is just over 4%.  She is also an A2 carrier.

Rafter CSJ Irish Princess
We started Princess at the end of her first lactation.  A young cow, she had her first calf at 20 months and we began milking her at 28 months 8 months in to her first lactation.  We were quick to get her trained and dry her up as she was in her final trimester and due with her second calf.   
She still was able to easily produce just under 1/2 gallon per milking for us. Her average butterfat content is an amazing 4.75% and her protein is just under 4%.  We feel this was a remarkable production record for a first time youngster.  Seven months into her second lactation she  produced 3/4 gallon twice a day and loves being a milk cow.    
RDoubleD Sheridan
Sheridan took the title of Udder Champion in 2009 under a long time experienced Dexter judge and was said to have "the best rear attachment she had seen in a Dexter". 
Sheridan was trained to milk 5 months into her first lactation and produced just under 1/2 gallon per milking.  Her average butterfat content is just under 4% as is her protein.  Sheridan loves the attention of being a milk cow.  

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Mrald Half-Cast "Cassy"
OK, so this was our first cross bred experiment.  I milked her mother, a full blood Hereford.  From Stefani-Cow I got just over a quart once a day 6 months in to her first lactation.  Her average butterfat was 1.38% and her average protein was 3.25%.  To me this proved how well beef calves utilize feed and pack on the weight.  I also trained Cassy to milk 6 months in to her first lactation.  This was the moment I'd been waiting for.....how does Dexter breeding influence milk production.  For starters she milked out just under half gallon per milking, increased production.  Here's the fun fact, her butterfat was 5.04% and her protein was 5.40%, both over 4 times what her mom produced.  

Mrald Isabella
Isabella is our first Taco daughter we trained to milk.  It takes a long time to be able to milk one of your bull's daughters!
We trained her to milk 7 months in to her first lactation.  She became a very nice little milk cow.  She consistently milked out 1/2 gallon per milking.  This is better production than her mother who milked out the same amount in her 2nd lactation.  We already know that Taco improves front udder attachment but it looks like he fills it as well!  Isabella has a beautiful udder with great suspension, a level floor and nice milking teats.  Tested, her butterfat averaged 5.89% (6.85% her highest and 4.6% her lowest) and her protein averaged 3.68% (3.77% her highest and 3.61% her lowest). She has moved on to New Hope Refuge Farm in Kentucky.
​We retained her heifer calf  --  Mrald I Wear Short Shorts
Isabella's mom Rose of Lone Oak
Rose's butterfat averaged 5.57% (7.36% her highest and 4.76% her lowest) and her protein averaged 3.91% (4.15% her highest and 3.71% her lowest). 
Mrald Evelyn 102
Evelyn was SO easy to train, immediately letting down and readily producing 3/4 of a gallon once a day on her first lactation.  Her production consistency was amazing.  Another Susie daughter that has completely proven herself. 
Mrald Electra
Our first Frederick daughter we have milked!  Electra is Knotting X Circle H bloodlines and is EVERYTHING her pedigree says she should be.  We weaned her calf at 7 months of age.  She was the easiest cow I have ever trained to milk.  Even through the stress of weaning, she got in to the groove and started letting down our third round.  Her milk is SO tasty and rich!  It is now obvious why her bull calf was so fat and happy, her tests revealed an average butterfat content of ......drum roll.......just over 8.03%!  Her highest tested 10.07%.  WHAT ARE YOU KIDDING ME??  Her protein content is also remarkably high at 5.33%  We milked her once a day and by her 5th day she started really getting in to it and ramping up her production.  She started giving over 1/2 gallon each milking when we decided it was time to dry her up.  What a fantastic little Dexter!

Belle Fourche Carmen
A grand-daughter and great-grand-daughter of our Frederick and Susie.  We trained Carmen to milk 7 months into her 2nd lactation.  She settled into a milk role readily and has nicely spaced and sized milking teats that have a great flow for filling the bucket.  Carmen has a large udder and easily gives us 3/4 of a gallon per milking.  Her milk is very satisfying and tests revealed an average butter fat of 6.31% and her protein at 4.90%.
This photo shows her fantastic rear udder less than 24 hours after freshening, her high reaching rear attachment bulging out behind her with no lack of front attachment either.  We are back to milking in 2016 and Carmen, now in her 4th lactation, has settled in to a comfortable gallon plus per milking 5 months in to lactation.
Mrald Top Jewel
Our second Frederick daughter to milk, our first Lily daughter.  She is so nice to milk and was SO easy to train.  Her milk is very creamy and fresh tasting.  Her butter fat tested an average of 5.61% and her protein was 4.41%.  Her nice wide hind stance and well supported udder makes for plenty of bucket room but you have to be a pretty good shot.  We started Jewel 6 months into her first lactation.  She gave us 1/2 to 3/4 a gallon per milking.  
Hillview Pandora
Of course Dora is trained to milk.  In fact, she takes her "I am a Princess in the parlor" role very seriously.  What a girl, training her was a piece of cake (would you like a glass of milk with that?).  We had squeezed her teats before but never sat down with a bucket and milked her.  She let down on the second milking and by the third milking we had to grab the larger bucket!  She cranks out over a gallon a milking.  Once again, she is what we breed for here.  Tested, her butter fat average was 4.22% and her protein was 3.46%.  
Pandora's udder immediately after calving  --  her 6th lactation.
Beautifully supported, level udder floor, nice teat placement and even quarters. 
The milky side of our bulls........................
The milky side of our cows........................
Some of our milkers that moved on........................
Mrald Dun to Perfection
Perfect is a perfect little milk cow.  We trained Perfect to milk at the tail end of her second lactation.  She was apprehensive but by the fourth milking got down to business.  She milked out close to 1/2 gallon per milking.  Her milk tested an average of 4.49% butter fat and a VERY impressive 4.58% average protein.  Great milk for the table!  
She was milked again on her 4th lactation and we are now up to an easy 3/4 of a gallon once a day.
I remember the first time I tried it, 
I was only a boy of fifteen,
and though she was so much younger than I, 
she was far more composed and serene.

It was out in the barn I remember, 
at the close of an autumn day
and the evening was scented with clover in bloom, 
and the fragrance of freshly cut hay.

I remember she made no objection,
showed  no evidence of alarm,
as my hand moved awkwardly over her neck 
she nestled her head in my arm.

I remember it seemed hours later,
how my heart hammered under my blouse, 
with the joy of a boy who turned in to a man, 
as I made my way back to the house.

Many years have gone by since that evening,
but I've never forgotten  --  I vow,
the thrill and the joy that I felt as a boy,
on the night that I first milked a cow.

PLEASE NOTE:  Although the A2 allele is common in our herd, here at Emerald Park, we make no claim that A2 milk heals, cures, is easier to digest, 
treats or prevents disease or 
makes consumers feel better in any way.
We are strong believers in raw milk and that fresh, raised on the family farm, happy milk is the only way to go!
Ravenwood Kiera
Kiera was trained to milk with the birth of her first calf.  Due to complication, we lost her bull calf at birth but did create a great little milk cow!  She fell into the roll of milk cow very readily and was such a good girl.  She milked 1 3/4 a gallon twice a day consistently for a month and a half.  We had to dry her up due to show season and no one around to keep her milked.  We did run tests on her milk, her butterfat averaged 4.01% and her protein averaged 4.12%.  
Mrald Cinnabon
We trained Bonnie to milk in 2015 on her first lactation and was as  fantastic as her mother (Pandora).  Bonnie has a beautifully supported udder and great sized milking teats that are very well placed.  In her second lactation, she produced a gallon once a day and loves every part of being a milk cow.