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Oh, this is so cool............  
These are knives created and fabricated here at Emerald Park Farm.
Knives made of only the best steel and yes, believe it or not, Dexter horn!  Mind you, no animals were compromised (well they may have thought so when they woke up!) in the removal of the horns.  All cattle are lullabied into a deep sleep before removal.
Knives can be custom built for you!  You can even send us your horn!
Here is the process and some of the impressive results......
This horn was from Circle H's Naomi
I carry this knife myself.  It's tough!  This is a "Liner Lock" style knife
The series pictured to the left is this knife in creation.
This is a "Lock Back" style with Damascus Bolsters.  This is from a Dun colored cow.  The uniqueness of this knife is the protein growth flaws at the end.  Very beautiful
This is the "Little Big Horn" (ironic) a lock back style with Brass Bolsters.  Another Dun colored cow but horns in a fantastic chocolate hue.
The Damascus blades are all unique created by the way they are folded.
The "Doctor's or Physician's" style.  This is a VERY old style knife.  Done appropriately in antique brown.  
"The doctors or physicians knife is a refined, 
slim variety of a regular jack knife. 

The standard version is a slender straight-sided knife that is usually 3 1/2 inches long and has a flat end. The physician's knife is so called because it is primarily designed for preparing medicines. The narrow spear blade was intended for scooping powders from vials and for loosening powders if they got caked. The flat end was often used for crushing powders and pills.

 Though a physicians knife could be used for emergency surgery this was not its intended function . Although it was often used for surgery by veterinarians and sometimes called a veterinarians knife."
My Dad's favorite style  --  the "Trapper" has Damascus blades and stainless bolsters at both ends.
This is also from that chocolate colored dun horn.  Look at the transparency that comes through.  We never know what a knife is going to look like until it's final sanding and polishing.
Another Lock Back style with Damascus Bolters.  This knife was also done in dun.
This must be one of our favorites.  The "Texas Toothpick" is without a doubt a true ladies or gentleman's knife.  This elegant little knife is only 3 inches long and 1/2 inch wide.  Again fabricated with dun horn.