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Animals listed here can also be found throughout the web site in more detail.

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"Babies on Parade" 
for new stock available.

All available stock are noted in RED throughout the site
Prices are based on the following:

Availability of Bloodlines                                    Pregnant   
  --  we carry some old lines                                   --  how far along  
                                                                             --  bred to    
Degree of Training
  --  trained to show (lots of handling)                  Winning Show Record
  --  trained to milk                                                 --  siblings, calves and parents 

DNA Test Results                                                Milk Production Records 
  --  PHA, Chondro, A2, polled                               --  content, quantity  
                                                                            --  siblings and parents records   
Meat Production Ability
  --  size, yield records, growth rates                  Conformation
                                                                            --  feet & legs, udder structure   
Disposition                                                          --  udder structure of mother
  --  kid/family oriented                                        --  structure sire produces

Heifer or Steer Calf at Side
  --  2 in one package or 
  --  3 in one if bred back and who to
Last Update October 16, 2014
Available stock:

Our Bull Calves Offered For Sale:

We have several requests and a waiting list for our bull calves.  We will list calves we feel hold up to the standards we breed for when they are born.  However, know that a set of testicles around here doesn't qualify them to be herd bull potential.  We evaluate them as they grow.  Not only conformation but attitude.  The final test is when we wean and train them.  We price them at that time and let you know they're ready.  In the past 8 years, we have only turned out 16 bull calves.  Less than 1/3 of our boys make the cut (no pun intended!).  Know that when you get a bull from Emerald Park, it will be only the best. 

We're Tough on Our Boys, and That's No Bull!
Kiera's availability is suspended now until after she calves  --  watch Babies on Parade!