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Prices are based on the following:

Availability of Bloodlines                                      
  --  we carry some old lines                                   

Degree of Training
  --  trained to show (lots of handling)
        --  winning show record (siblings, calves, parents)
  --  trained to milk                                                  

Milk Production Records 
  --  content, quantity  
  --  siblings and parents records   

   --  feet & legs, udder structure   
   --  udder structure of mother
   --  structure sire produces

Pregnant (how far along and who bred to)
  --  heifer or steer calf at side
  --  2 in one package or 
  --  3 in one if bred back and who to
Last Update July 9, 2019
Our Bull Calves Offered For Sale:

We have several requests and a waiting list for our bull calves.  We will list calves we feel hold up to the standards we breed for when they are born.  However, know that a set of testicles around here doesn't qualify them to be herd bull potential.  We evaluate them as they grow.  Not only conformation but attitude.  The final test is when we wean and train them.  In the past 10 years, we have only turned out 17 bull calves.  Less than 1/3 of our boys make the cut (no pun intended!).  Know that when you get a bull from Emerald Park, it will be only the best. 

We're Tough on Our Boys, and That's No Bull!
   It's time to do another walk through the herd 
   and see what we have available.  
   If you're looking for something in particular
   give us a shout!

Watch for upcoming calves!  We calve year round.

We have NO prospective bull calves available at this time.

We are happy to provide any known genotype for any trait.  All you have to do is ask.  We have test results for PHA and Chondrodysplasia.  We also have some tested for A2 and can test upon request.  We do not however, make any claim as to the A2 allele making a consumer "feel better", prevent or treat disease, or cure whatever else may ail you.  
Please check out the following journal article on A2 Milk:

Mrald Smokey Garnet:
   DOB 04/17/2017
   Dam:  Mrald Top Jewel
   Sire:  Dexter Downs Huracan
   Garnet will be exposed to Mrald Absolutely Perfect 
   in July 2019 for a 2020 calf
   She was on our show string as a cow/calf and 
   as a yearling heifer and did great
Huracan 2018 @ 4 years.
Mrald Major Houllihan:
   DOB 04/11/2018
   Dam:  Rock N'Oaks Officer Margaret
   Sire:  Mrald Absolutely Perfect 
   What a great little heifer!  She has been on our 
   show string all of 2019.  One of our easier heifers 
   for certain!  She does have a nice wide 
   stance (not in this photo) and incredible rib spring!  
   A super "walk out into the pasture and catch her up"
   disposition.  Houllihan will be ready to  breed 
   fall of 2019
Mrald MaddaLynn:
   DOB 04/17/2019
   Dam:  CPR TannaLynn
   Sire:  Mrald Susie's Legacy 
   Pretty, pretty, pretty!  Look at the hip forming 
   already and that wide top line.  Nice width in that
   brisket.  And with all that she's still very feminine.
   MaddaLynn comes from the best udder in our herd. 
   That is REALLY saying something!!  This is her sire's 
   first calf on the ground and there is no 
   disappointment here.  She will be ready to wean at 
   Halloween time.  Until then she will run in our 
   pastures with her mom and friends.
Pictured here at 3 months
Pictured here at 15 months
Pictured here at 27 months