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Our beef is raised naturally on grass and  at times they get some alfalfa.  We do not feed processed, pelleted or finisher feeds. Instead of man-made elixirs, we breed for a quality animal that will easily lay down a layer of fat when supplemented on what nature intended them to eat.  The proof is in the cuts. 
Rib Eye Steak
Top Sirloin Steak
T-Bone Steak
Our steaks are nicely marbled, tender and our ground beef is over 90% lean. 
The Dexter cattle's claim to fame is it's high yield.  Yield is the amount of packaged product that goes into your freezer after the carcass is cut. A good yield on a typical beef breed is around 65%.
Our Dexter steer yields range between 72 - 77%.  This is due to the Dexter's finer bone and a careful breeding program of crossing choice bloodlines with good food conversion, and thick, long, deep bodies.  
Our first 3/4 Lowline steers surprised us as they too yielded over 70%.  The meat is tender and flavorful.
Crossgar's Dexter Beef makes an appearance on the Great British Menu - 1 May 2009
Local chef Danny Millar scooped the regional crown in the Great British Menu challenge.  After a week of intense competition Danny Millar from Balloo House Killinchy, was triumphant over competitor Clare Smyth head chef at the three michelin-starred Gordon Ramsay restaurant Royal Hospital Road.  This years theme represents a true "taste of home".  Keeping with the theme Danny Millar remained true to his roots, using only fresh, local ingredients.  Our very own Jason Hamilton (Commercial Manager) appeared on the Great British Menu alongside Danny Millar, highlighting the unique flavour of Dexter Beef.  Danny was so impressed he used the Dexter Beef for his main course, which left Richard Corrigan's mouth watering and wanting more.  The final decision was split but Danny, who won the regional final last year, achieved two of the three judges' votes.  This year Danny is determined to get one of his dishes on to the banquet table.  For more information on the Dexter Beef range please contact our sales team NI Tel: 028 4481 1500 ROI Tel: 01 80 30 555 sales@crossgar.ie Picture from left to right: Clare Smyth head chef Gordon Ramsay Royal Hospital Road, Danny Millar head chef Balloo House Killinchy.

"When Was The Last Time You Tasted Beef This Good?"

"The Flavour and succulence of Dexter Beef are the result of two things.  The unique characteristics of the Dexter Breed and the tradtional way Dexter Cattle are raised.  In order to ensure a consistent supply for our customers we have signed an exclusive deal with the Dexter Society in Ireland. 

You may already be aware of our Dexter Beef.  Perhaps you have heard stories about its unique flavour, or you may have seen it featured on the Great British Menu on BBC 2 in April.   Dexter Beef is to feature on the New Series of the F Word on Channel 4.  Janet Street-Porter has picked the Dexter Cattle for a challange set by Gordon Ramsay.  Follow Janets journey with Dexter Cattle on her blog: http://www.channel4.com/food/on-tv/f-word/series-5/janet-s-blog-week-1_p_1.html"

Article out of Ireland Newspaper  --  
Dexter Beef teams up with 
Chef Gordon Ramsey
Our own taste tests, and customer feed-back, have proven we raise a fantastic cut of beef.  Know where your beef comes from.  No more scary grocery E. coli recalls, Pink Slime, or antibiotic and hormone tainted meat. 
We sell beef, of course,
 by the whole or half.
It is custom cut 
to your specifications.
Contact us today to join our list of satisfied beef customers.
We sell steer calves.  
They make great lawn mowers.  
Got grass?  
Dexter's require less land than your average beef breed.  
Hook up with a friend or neighbor and cow-pool.
Contact us and we'll be happy 
to hold your calf 
at mom's side 
until he's ready to go home. 
 Weaning is at 5 - 7 months of age.
We calve November through May
First steers ready to go home
when your April grass starts growing!
Quote from our butcher;
"I've never seen such clean livers in animals......fresh water, good care is why."
If the livers are clean, you know the meat is top notch!


Dexter Beef becomes popular
 in the UK.
March of 2014, I had the once in a lifetime opportunity to help a girlfriend escort her parents back to their family farm in Ireland.  There the family has been raising sheep for 100 years.  I saw no Dexter cattle, I wasn't there for me, but in what we would call a strip mall, I did find a pop up butcher shop.  Much to my excitement, there was the Dexter!  Dexter is the only specific breed of beef they showcase.  Like the US has Angus (not by choice but by marketing) Ireland has Dexter.  The butcher said they bring them down out of the hills when they are 3 years old for butcher.  He apprehensively said it was fine for me to take these photo's.  He must have been thinking I was one crazy American!