2011:  Her first calf.  A cuter than heck 3/4 Dexter steer by Mrald Ringo Fire

"Brique" hung at 416 pounds 
at 23 months
2012:  Her first heifer.  This is one stout heifer by Fairwyn's Machine.  She is 1/4 Hereford, 1/4 Dexter and 1/2 Lowline Angus.  Mrald Natia

DOB: 03/2009
Colors: Black, Red, White Face, Goggles

Hip Width:

Classification = 88
"Very good"

Trained to Milk
CASSY is the ultimate family cow.  We were lucky to get her mother from a reputable 40 plus year Hereford breeder.  Mom was a runt for an unknown reason and they could not use her in their program.  Well we sure could!  What a fantastic cow and how much she taught us, we even trained her to milk.  Sadly, we lost her to prolapse on her second calf.  She stayed alive for a month and even came in to milk for her baby but just couldn't hold on.  Cassy means an extra lot to us because now, we can't recreate her.  She is the product of a small full blood Hereford (not dwarfed) and one of our past full blood Dexter bulls.  Cassy has become a steady brood cow for us and all has gone smoothly.  She has been trained to milk, and also nurses the entire herd if allowed.  
Her milk tests resulted in an average 5.5% butterfat content.  Amazing due to the fact that her mom tested 1.3%.  Cassy is calm, freindly, small, milks, has gone to fairs representing what Dexter can do for your herd and produces a really cool calf.  
Cassy's dam
Cassy's sire
Belle Fourche Austin
Austin's Show Record:

Evergreen State Fair  2007
     Reserve Champion

King County Fair  2007
     Grand Champion Bull

Skagit County Fair  2007
     Reserve Champion Bull
2014:  Another 3/4 Dexter steer
This one by Mrald July Joe

"Butch" has gone on to be a herd bull carrying a strong milk line
2015:  Check it out  --  a surprise as to what she has every year!

Another 3/4 Dexter steer
This one by Circle H's Frederick

(and his white tailed steer friend, Yang)
2016:  Our Cassy Replacement!  (And Final Calf from Cassy)

A 3/4 Dexter heifer
By Circle H's Frederick

Mrald April