Welcome to Emerald Park Farm
You can find us in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.  
We are just southeast of Seattle, Washington.

My husband and I have a deal that our
hobbies must pay for themselves so we take
them very seriously.

We started in Japanese Bantams and 
Black Orpingtons in 2002 and have bred
several Champions including taking the 
Nationals in Stockton, CA with both breeds 
in 2004. 

Of course we milk our Dexter's and make butter, ice cream, yogurt and cheeses.  The cheeses are a great companion for our wine making.  We dabble in fruit wines from plum and pear trees and grow our own grapes as well.

It's all about enjoying life isn't it?

Thank you for visiting Emerald Park Farm.
Come on back again as we update often. 
Look for us at western Washington fairs,
we hope to meet you!

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We moved on to Dexter Cattle in 2005 and breed and continue to raise Champions every year.  In 2008 we entered the Lowline Angus scene and did it again taking those Champion awards each time we enter the ring.

We breed for disposition first in all of our animals and through a good eye of selective breeding, careful study of pedigrees, and a lot of hard work at home through feed, training and fitting it's easy to move right to the top.
One of our Orpington hens next to a standard sized Leghorn hen.
We have a symbiotic farm where everything has a job and all must get along.  Our chickens, with help from our Muscovy ducks are our pest control.  They spend all their daylight hours turning the fields, spreading manure and working the compost pile. 
Chris & Stefani 

Auburn, WA​

Home Phone:  
(253) 639-2727
(253) 631-2228

(206) 571-4189


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