Serenity Oak Farm Taco

Taco has proven to be quite a bull.  
At 3 years of age he was 46.5 inches tall, 1,100 pounds.  
Taco calves have never let us down in the show ring 
as he has created many Champions and has calves across the Nation. Red, dun and black calves that are as correct 
as they are fun to have around.  
He has passed on his disposition
 and the calves are enjoyed by their owners.
  Taco has great hoof and leg structure that he seems to pass on.
  He is a great choice for nice size, udder and attitude.

Taco is not a bull to be overlooked.
Taco's Stats:

Tested Chondrodysplasia Free 

Tested PHA Free

Markers on File

Heterozygous A1/A2

Heterozygous Polled

Dun, Carries Red

                                                                                Saltaire Platinum 

                                                  Hillview Dynamo 

                                                  Ida-J-Mar Mallard

  Sire: Hillview DJ Baxter 

                                                                                  Riverhill Saturn's Galaxy

                                                 Hillview Daren Jane

                                                                                 Hillview Daisy May Lucifer

                                                                                Cornahir Outlaw

                        Hillview Norman Outlaw 

                                                                                Belle Fourche Buttercup 

  Dam: Rock N' Oaks Boo

                                                Hillview Lee Red Hawk

                         Hillview Miricle

                                              Hillview Ivy SK6
Taco's Dairy Traits:

In addition to both ROM Knotting herd bulls, Saturn and Lucifer in his background, Taco also has Hillview DJ Baxter.  Baxter is said to be one of the nicest udder bulls in the Dexter world and has been a long kept secret.  Taco is very dairy type in structure.  Now with enough daughters in lactation he has proven to tighten udders and add beautiful forward udder structure and capacity.  Lab tests (and taste tests!)revealed amazing creaminess. See one of his daughters, Mrald Isabella, on our dairy page! 

                                                       Photos don't lie.
                                                       Here is a cow and the 
                                                       resulting daughter of

His DNA tests revealed a bull that carries a higher than normal milk fat content and a top protein content. His somatic cell score will help put a stop to mastitis risk. He carries average to preferred genes for cheese production (Kappa Casein, Beta Casein and Beta Lactoglobulin results). He is above average for progeny pregnancy rates and productive life span.  
Taco's Beef Traits:

As you can see, Taco has some beefy background.  He has good width throughout from brisket to hind legs displaying nice lung and heart capacity.  He has good length of loin and is extremely clean fronted and tight sheathed.  Taco's offspring yield over 70% and have ample marbling, tenderness and great flavor.

His DNA tests revealed a bull that is in the middle of the road for both residual feed intake and average daily gain. He is middle of the road for carcass quality, marbling and yield. His maternal calving ease and stayability in a herd is above standard and he is middle of the road for docility. This is a sire that can produce long-time producing offspring that can utilize feed comparable to an average beef breed of cattle.   

Taco was discovered by Belle Fourche in 2006 as a weanling.  Knowing what he had to offer (being old Hillview breeding) he was used briefly and sent up to us as a coming yearling to become a herd bull here at Emerald Park Farm.  We collected him and kept a few choice daughters.  In return, we sent his biggest accomplishment, Mrald Overture, back to Belle Fourche now in Georgia.  We have Taco offspring every year here as he has never let us down.
Taco is no longer with us but we do have Taco semen here in the Pacific NW available by pick up ONLY.
Semen can also be purchased and shipped by Belle Fourche Farms @
We have some Taco offspring available for purchase from time to time.  
Watch our For Sale page.