DOB: 02/1999
Colors: Black
Height:  43"
Length:  80"
Hip Width:  21"
Weight:  950#
July Joe's Dam,
TannaLynn's Grand Dam:  Iodine
IODINE was bred by Fred Chesterly, the Llanfair herd, responsible for importing English bred Dexters. 
 If Mr Chesterly was alive today, he'd be proud of this girl.  She really was the "ideal Dexter" for size, 
disposition and production.  
We put Iodine down spring of 2016 at age 17.

TannaLynn's Sire:
Mrald July Joe
(pictured here)

Tanna Lynn's Dam:
CPR Julia Joon

Julia Joon's Dam,
TannaLynn's Grand Dam:
Hillview Daren Jane
DAREN JANE, pictured here at age 13,
she was 7 months into lactation and
had just been weaned.  Beautifully
intact udder.  Knotting bred top and
bottom gave her pedigree stats of 
a 5 gallon a day milker.  
We put Daren Jane down spring of
2016 at age 18.

Spectacular heifer  --  pictured here at 24 hours old!  That'll make a breeder proud!
2018:  A bull calf 
Sired by Belle Fourche DaVinci
"Sugar Daddy"
2019:  A heifer calf 
Sired by Mrald Absolutely Perfect
Mrald MaddaLynn