2011: Her first non-black heifer
Sired by Circle H's Frederick
Mrald Ready or Not
"Ready" is now a family milker
2007: Her Knotting bred heifer
Sired by Hiyu Rambler II
Mrald Esparanza
2012: Yet another heifer
Sired by Circle H's Frederick
Mrald Sabrina Fair
Sabrina moved on to Georgia
to join the Belle Fourche herd
2009: A heifer from her 
Sired by Circle H's Frederick
Mrald Katrina  
2008: Her 7 month old bull calf at his new home.  Purchased by a veteran Dexter breeder of over 15 years. Charlee could not have been more pleased with his family friendly disposition as he greets her 4 year old daughter. 
Sired by Belle Fourche Leo
Looking very much like a black Red Wing
Mrald Dark Lager
2006: Our first calf with Susie.  Bred in California by Hillview Ranch we purchased her bred.  This heifer, we turned into a National Champion and this is one of her bull calves, another undefeated Champion. 
Sired by Circle H's Frederick
Hillview Pandora "Dora" 
2005: Her breeding age bull.  A sire to a handful of fantastic offspring.  
Bred by Hillview Ranch
Sired by Circle H's Frederick
Hillview Finnigan  
2003: Her first heifer, pictured here at age 9, bred by Hillview Ranch
Sired by Hillview Cedrick
Hillview Jan  
2004: Her first heifer with Circle H' Frederick.  The first of many to come.  It is easy to see what an incredible cross this is, nearly a perfect udder.  
Bred by Hillview Ranch 
Hillview Heather  
2002: Her second bull calf, the first DNA tested Homozygous Polled, Homozygous Red Dexter Bull. 
Bred by Hillview Ranch
Sired by Hillview Dynamo
The VERY well known  --  
Hillview Red Wing  
SUSIE is a legend in the Dexter world.  One of a handful of daughters that remain of THE imported Saltaire Platinum.  Known by all as the first polled Dexter bull, which is truly a shame, because he had so much more to offer including disposition, length of loin, muscling, hip, balance and improved udder attachments on his daughters.  He also passed on these strong traits from generation to generation, as seen below in not only Susie's sons and daughters but her grand babies as well.  Susie is a third generation brood cow that is responsible for making Emerald Park Farm one of the leading Dexter breeding farms in the Nation.  All of her bulls have been prominent herd sires and her daughters not only produce, but milk and are not afraid to dig their hooves in for a bit of draft work.  Like her dam before her, Belle Fourche Sparklett responsible for the Hillview herd and Sooner P-Bar Sparkle responsible for the Belle Fourche herd.
Katrina as an adult, another pretty udder 
2010: Her bull calf with Serenity Oak Farm Taco.  Homozygous Polled, carries red.  What an outstanding individual.  "Over" has been collected and has semen and embryos in Canada, Germany, South Africa and is registered in the Australia herd book.  He is world reknown  --  
Mrald Overture
Evelyn Anderson of Hillview Ranch in Temecula, CA with Susie's mom
Belle Fourche Sparklett
Sparklett classified 48 out of 50 even as an aged cow.  (she was knocked points for being "too small")
Saltaire Platinum, Susie's dad

DOB: 03/1999
Colors: Black, Red, Dun
Height:  46"
Length:  76"
Weight:  900#
Hip Width:  21"

Classification: 89 very good
(done at age 14)
2013: If this heifer doesn't look like her mom none do!
Sired by Circle H's Frederick

Mrald Evelyn 102

Named in memory of Evelyn Anderson
(pictured above)
Born in June 2013 the month prior to Evelyn passing away at 102 years of age.

This is what Evelyn was breeding for.

Depth, femininity, straight lines and a fantastic disposition as all of Susie's offspring portray.
2014: And a bull calf that also looks SO much like Susie!  Born on Kentucky Derby day when California Chrome took it by a landslide

Sired by Circle H's Frederick

Mrald Pacific Chrome

December 2016 at age 17.  Look at that cow!  The first bull calf we are retaining from the great HV Saltaire Susie.  
Sired by Dexter Downs Huracan

Mrald Susie's Legacy

He grew up just fine and we have 
GREAT heifers sired by him.

                    Westfield Merlin
            Migh Poldark    
                    Godstone Esmeralda   
      Saltaire Platinum  
                          St Arvans Gypsy Pedro
                Saltaire Pedrilla
                    Saltaire Princess Diana 
                          Crystal Star's Cholla
                Belle Fourche William
                          Yuma Valey Cindy
      Belle Fourche Sparklette
                          Faw Sooner Joe
                Sooner P Bar Sparkle     
                    Gypsy Noel    
2018: A Bull Calf
Sired by Mrald Absolutely Perfect
"Seventeen"  --  her seventeenth calf 19 years old and still fantastic
2019: A heifer
Sired by Belle Fourche Braeburn
Mrald Finale  --  her last calf
2018: A Heifer Calf
Sired by Mrald Absolutely Perfect
Mrald Sparklette with her first baby