NUTMEG is such a prize.  
She is trained to milk and is known for the sweetest milk you've ever tasted.  When Nutmeg was younger she was leased and milked by a family.  She was swapped out with another cow when it was time for her to move on (for embryo extraction) and the family whined that the "new cows" milk wasn't as sweet.  We thought they were teasing and just wanted Nutmeg back but they were not!
Nutmeg is a half sister to our amazing herd bull Frederick.  She is out of a beautiful, milky cow.  We are going to try and get a line of that sweet milk started here and Nutmeg is just the cow to do it.
Nutmeg's Sire: 
Circle H's Philbert 

Nutmeg's Dam:
Circle H's Liberty
Belle Fourche Voltaire 01/2009  By Belle Fourche Mr Right

Belle Fourche Montaigne 01/2010 (embryo)  By Belle Fourche Mr Right

Belle Fourche Leroux 03/2010 (embryo)  By Belle Fourche Mr Right

2007:  Nutmeg's first calf. 
Belle Fourche Rousseau

Sired by Circle H's Frederick
2008:  Belle Fourche Ruby Tuesday

Sired by Belle Fourche Mr Right
2009:  Belle Fourche Lasair

Sired by Belle Fourche Mr Right
Belle Fourche Canela 05/2012  By Hillview Red Wing

Butterfly Orion  03/2013  By Mrald Overture

Butterfly Ramses 05/2014  By Butterfly Freedom

2015:  Butterfly Romeo

Sired by Dexter Downs Spencer