Frederick is 46 inches tall and tipped the scales at an amazing 1,350 pounds at age 6.  He classified a 90 (excellent) and has the disposition to match.  Sire to the 2007 PDCA national champion heifer and national video champion bull.
His offspring are show ring champions every year.
A proven sire of offspring that stretches across the nation.  

This bull speaks for himself.   
Frederick's Stats:

Tested Chondrodysplasia Free
Tested PHA Free
Markers on File 
Homozygous A2 (A2/A2) 
Heterozygous Polled

Classification:  90 = Excellent
                                                                                    Cornahir Outlaw

                                                           Llanfair's Mulligan  

                                                                                    Llanfair's Rosalee  

               Sire: Circle H's Philbert 

                                                                                  Black Sam


                                                                                  Rocky Belle

                                                                                 Cornahir Outlaw

                                                           Llanfair's Mulligan 

                                                                                  Llanfair's Rosalee 

               Dam: Circle H's June 

                                                                                  Llanfair's Polgaron 

                                                         Circle H's Daisy  

                                                                                   May Belle
Frederick's Beef Traits:

Frederick's conformation speaks all the beef anyone needs to know. He has amazing width throughout, unmatched length, and massive hips. He is clean fronted not carrying excess waste through his brisket and dew lap.  He has a fantastic hoof with nice heel depth and short toes that lead right up to straight, strong legs placed in all four corners.  He is free moving and covers the ground fluidly.  His capacity is like none other allowing for great feed utilization and easy gain.  You can see the generations of thickness and beautiful body condition in his pedigree above.  Even now entering his teens, he holds his own through these though Pacific Northwest winters and comes on strong in the spring as a vibrant breeding bull. 

His DNA tests revealed a bull that is above average for both residual feed intake and average daily gain.  He is at the top for carcass quality and marbling.  His maternal calving ease and heifer pregnancy rate is near the top as well and he is middle of the road for docility. This is a sire that can produce fast producing offspring that can utilize feed as well as any other beef breed of cattle.  
Frederick's Dairy Traits:

Frederick was bred by Gerald Holmquist a dairyman of years gone by.
It is obvious Mr Holmquist knew his stuff as throughout his herd (Circle H) thick, sweet tasting milk high in butterfat, udders with correct suspension and nice hand milking teats are easy to find.  Several of his herds cows, many years later, tested homozygous for A2.  As you can see above, his dam and grand-dam (pictured both in their teens) have amazing intact udders and beautiful teat shape and placement.  He passes this down as he has proven to tighten udder conformation on his daughters.  His maternal sister (RDoubleD American Rambler @ tested an average of 6% butterfat and 5% protein content and milked out 3/4 of a gallon twice a day 7 months into her first lactation. His paternal sister, Rose of Lone Oak is featured on our dairy page.   

His DNA tests revealed a homozygous A2 (A2/A2) bull that carries the highest possible milk fat content and a top protein content. His somatic cell score will help put a stop to mastitis risk. He carries average to preferred genes for cheese production (Kappa Casein, Beta Casein and Beta Lactoglobulin results). He is above average for progeny pregnancy rates and productive life span.   
We are not releasing Semen from Frederick at this time.  There are very limited straws as he was collected years ago.  We have no plans at this time to do another collection. 
Frederick is our main herd bull and occasionally, we may have a bull calf sired by him available for purchase.

Frederick was born in Blain, WA in 2002.  Gerald Holmquist was retiring from cattle and dispersing his herd.  Belle Fourche and Hillview Farms made the trip up from southern California and hand picked the best of the herd to add to their breeding program.  Frederick fit the bill as a new herd bull.  This was the first time they had encountered a Dexter with a muscled hip.
From there, Frederick was collected and moved on to Texas, that's where we started keeping tabs on him.  Not seeing anything registered, we feared the worst, but a simple phone call reassured us he was doing well.  As timing would have it, a bad draught in Texas was making cattle business tough so we moved Frederick home to Washington in 2008.

The boy's still got it:

Pictured here spring of 2014 going on 14 years of age.  Still sound, still breeding.  He is proving the genetic tests correct having a productive life span.  This is a fantastic bull for so many reasons.

We solute our old man!