Chrome joined our herd in 2016.  She is a retired FFA project.  As you can see in the photo above, showing really stressed her out!  Chrome is a Purebred Pinzgauer.  The Pinzgauer breed is easily identified by their unique coat of red with a white pattern on the barrel, back and rump.  The Austria Herd Book traces back easily to the 1700's and the Pinzgauer was introduced in 1871 at the Paris World Exhibition.  Today the largest herds can be found in South Africa.  Pinzgauers were 
selected for their tight coats that resist flies
and tics, their easy calving, fast growth and
 good maternal instincts.  They are known to 
milk between 3 - 4.5 gallons per day of rich
milk.  Raised for beef, the Pinzgauer carries
the tenderness characteristic stronger than 
Hereford and Angus.
The first Pinzgauer was introduced to the
United States in 1976 so this is a very new
breed to us here.  They come in both horned 
and polled variety.  The females range between
1,000 - 1,600 pounds.
Chrome is a fun addition with all that flash in 
the pasture.  It is our goal to milk her soon too.


DOB: 03/15/15
Color: Red/White

Height:  "
Length:  "
Weight:  #
Hip Width:  "

2016:  Chrome's first calf
A Hereford Cross
2017: Heifer Calf
Sired by Dexter Downs Huracan