We never expected to get this unique guy.  I fell in love with Absolute when he was born but didn't want to get attached because we weren't in the market for another herd bull.  I went to Ireland when he was two days old and when I checked in, it was all rave reviews about this new bull calf.  He never has disappointed us.  He is a gentleman through and through and does a great job for us in every aspect.  Absolute was an outstanding herd bull for us for 8 years.  He went to fairs and was used in photo ops as kids sat on his back.  We finally were selfish and retained heifers so moved him on.
Pictured below at age 10, never trimmed a hoof, never a sick day.
Absolute's Stats:

Tested Chondrodysplasia Free
Tested PHA Free
Markers on File 
Homozygous A2 (A2/A2) 
Homozygous Polled
Carries Dun

                                                                                    Llanfair's Mulligan

                                                           Circle H's Philbert  


               Sire: Circle H's Frederick 

                                                                                  Black Sam


                                                                                  Rocky Belle

                                                                                 Hillview DJ's Baxter

                                                           Serenity Oak Farm Taco 

                                                                                  Rock N' Oaks Boo 

               Dam: Mrald Dun to Perfection 

                                                                                  Riverhill Saturn's Galaxy 

                                                         Hillview Sally  

                                                                                   Belle Fourche Sparklett