We never expected to get this unique guy.  I fell in love with Absolute when he was born but didn't want to get attached because we weren't in the market for another herd bull.  I went to Ireland when he was two days old and when I checked in, it was all rave reviews about this new bull calf.  He never has disappointed us.  He is a gentleman through and through and does a great job for us in every aspect.  He'll be with us for a long time

Absolute's Stats:

Tested Chondrodysplasia Free
Tested PHA Free
Markers on File 
Homozygous A2 (A2/A2) 
Homozygous Polled
Carries Dun

                                                                                    Llanfair's Mulligan

                                                           Circle H's Philbert  


               Sire: Circle H's Frederick 

                                                                                  Black Sam


                                                                                  Rocky Belle

                                                                                 Hillview DJ's Baxter

                                                           Serenity Oak Farm Taco 

                                                                                  Rock N' Oaks Boo 

               Dam: Mrald Dun to Perfection 

                                                                                  Riverhill Saturn's Galaxy 

                                                         Hillview Sally  

                                                                                   Belle Fourche Sparklett